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Pennsylvania Businesses For Education

Your PA state tax dollars can benefit students in your target area.

EITC Donors Learn How Commonwealth Can Help You

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PreK - 12th grade scholarships benefitting students across Pennsylvania!

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Reach students, families, schools and organizations.  Maintain your donor identity from start to finish. 

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Our donors are making a huge impact in their communities!

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PBA Select Vendor for EITC Administration

ServicesCorpWe are pleased to have been chosen as the select vendor for EITC administration services by the PA Bankers Services Corporation.

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What is EITC?

PA Business for education CCMA short introductory video that describes the EITC Program and the benefits of having Commonwealth Charitable Management manage the EITC program for your business.

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Ready to Help

Commonwealth Charitable Management is ready to help your business maximize the benefit of the EITC program while minimizing your internal administrative time and cost.

  • Over a decade of EITC adminstrative experience
  • Millions of dollars awarded
  • Thousands of students assisted

We have professional staff experienced in EITC administration. Contact us today to learn more - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (833) EITC NOW.


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